Open Shop

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Open shop* for Screenprinting
Tuesday 6pm to 10pm Thursday 6pm to 10pm
Open shop* for Darkroom Use
Thursday 6pm to 10pm

Open Shop is the two nights when the Community Printshop is open to the public no reservation or membership required. All are welcome to use the shop: this includes experienced screen printers to those who have never printed before and everyone in between! Open Shop can be used as beginner’s class – it is run by volunteer members who are happy to walk you through the basics of screen printing as well as show our shop’s equipment and procedures. Come on down Tuesday & Thursday nights and screen print for yourself, or thursdays to use our black and white darkroom!

$5 develop roll of film. $7/hour printing photos. Chemistry provided but please bring your own photo paper!

*Please double check our facebook and website in case of holiday closings or changes.

At: 1201 Mazant Street – Our shop is located through the front door and straight ahead  Need a MAP?

Other Details/Information Below:

What do I Bring?

To participate in Screenprint Open Shop all you need to bring is:

A) A transparency (a black, opaque design drawn on acetate or tracing paper) or high contract black and white printed image.   You don’t even need to have your image drawn yet, but it does help time-wise if you’re prepared!  If you’re unsure if the ink or markers you are using for your image are opaque enough to block the light, plan to draw, trace, or re-draw at our shop using our light table. Sharpies are not recomended.

B) The funds to cover cost of materials.  We coat screens for Open Shop with an emulsion coating, and supply ink to you to print with. To cover the cost of these supplies we charge $7 for use of a screen and $5 for a Dixie cup’s worth of ink (goes a long way!).

What can I print on?

Technically, just about any flat surface.  If you have a T shirt of your own you’d like to print on, or some paper, bring it in!

If you’d like to use our paper, however, (and we’ve got loads), you can buy some.

Paper prices vary from 5 cents a sheet to 25 cents a sheet.  T shirts and shirts (all American Apparel) vary, between $5 and $7. Other materials are on a donate-as-you-can basis.

And that’s it!  We have the squeegees, screens, tables, tape, markers, inks, paper and knowledge to help you make almost any silkscreen you want.



  1. Please notify me when you begin intaglio /copperplate etching. I have been working with intaglio for a couple of years now since
    completing studio workshop classes at New Orleans Glassworks and Printmaking on Magazine st…. Thanks


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