September 13th! ANOTHER WORLD: A Hand Printed Zine Art Show


Slim Lopez, Encuentro #2, Silkscreen Zine featured at Another World

Please join the New Orleans Community Printshop Saturday September 13th for Another World, an art show exploring the world of handprinted zines, comics, mini-comics, and small artist books. The show features small publications that use hand printing techniques to showcase WHATS POSSIBLE with image + print, and displays zines and small books that use hand printing to tell stories and create mini-universes fantastic & mundane. 

Another World features zines and small books from across the country and across the sea. Artists include: Artnoose, Fiona Avocado, Brigid Conroy, Keg De Souza, Kiernan Dunn, John Horn, Katie Kaplan, Kate Lacour, April Latta, Laurel Lynn Leake, Slim Lopez, Ester McManus, Annie Mok, Caroline Paquita, Mike Taylor, Jen Tong, Lale Westvind, Erin Wilson, and the artists of the Monster Anthology by Hidden Fortress Press.

Other Worlds, a zine of queer and trans possibilities organized by Vanessa Adams, will also be debuting at the Another World opening, and features artwork by Katie Brutal, M. Chandelier, Jenifer Cooney, Skip Heatwave,  E. Henderson, Lindsey Jett, Maybe J. Sadeghi, Jänke Seltsam, Ashley Teamer, and Vanessa Adams.

When: Sept. 13th from 6 to 9 PM.

Where: 1201 Mazant St.

Jen Tong Silkscreen Book

Jen Tong, Find My Light, 4 Color Silkscreen Book featured at Another World


ANOTHER WORLD, A Handprinted Zine Art Show


About the Show: the exhibition, Another World, is happening September 13th – October 4th at The New Orleans Community Printshop and will feature the fantastical worlds of handprinted zines, mini comics, and tiny books. The show will explore how hand printing contributes to storytelling and place making, and has the potential for creating rich mini-universes fantastic and mundane. The show will feature handprinted zines from artists in New Orleans and beyond, as well as an original zine that I am organizing for the show, about queer futures and queer utopia. Zines/ small books/ comics/ artists books will be displayed, and select zines will have their covers featured on the gallery walls as screen prints.

About the Printed Matter: This show will feature zines, comics, mini comics that utilize letterpress, screen printing, risograph, offset lithography, relief printing, or other hand printing techniques. Printed matter should utilize hand printing beyond just the cover, including hand printed inserts, sections, or content, although the entire zine does not need to be handprinted. To submit, please email by August 17th with a brief description of the work, and 3 to 5 pictures. Final artwork needs to be submitted by September 1st.

About the Queer Futures Zine: A special zine is being organized for the Another World handprinted zine art show. The theme of this zine is loose, but will showcase expansive utopian / dystopian queer and trans comics, drawings & text about what’s possible, whether that’s in dream worlds, mystic realities, or future worlds that look something like our own. Queer artwork that moves beyond mainstream gay narratives about the future–beyond assimilation, marriage, and the family. Places for exploration: in another world, how might the boundaries of the body melt away, what shifts in hierarchies and transmutations of categories might be possible (human/animal, self/other, black/white, man/woman, alive/dead, plant/animal, acceptable/unacceptable, sane/insane)? In such landscapes what are the ecstatic possibilities for pleasure or rage, or what pitfalls might present? No one needs to address any of these things, but they are starting points for ideas. Submissions can be drawings, comics, or text and should be black and white on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Submissions can be 1 to 8 pages. If you are planning on submitting to the zine, please email me at by August 17th with a description of the submission (length, brief content description). I need all final submissions scanned and emailed to by September 1st.

How to participate: 1) submit a zine/ mini comic/ small book that utilizes hand printing (See Printed Matter details) or 2) submit drawings/comics/text to a the zine being organized for the show which will be a collection of queer and trans artist visions of utopia / dystopia (See Queer Futures Zine). Submissions due by August 17th, artwork due by September 1st.

March Show: Printshop Member Breonne Dedecker & Darrin Acosta


Our Gallery aims to expand upon our printshop and darkroom mission statement by providing a space where a wide spectrum of local artists of all ages may exhibit. Through creating a cross-fertilization of ideas from different creative minds and disciplines, we hope to create a space that is inspiring for all who enter the New Orleans Community Printshop and Darkroom. Through a monthly rotation we offer the gallery space for Community Printshop and Darkroom members to have solo, duo or membership shows, while also providing for other local and youth artists.We show print and photography focused work.

Gallery shows will be juried collectively, and with a consensus voting process, and so may take some time. In order for the collective to properly decided on shows, we ask that interested artists/curators submit their proposals two months in advance. You will be notified of acceptance within a month of submission. Months are booked three, or more, months in advance.

Come to our Gallery Openings EVERY Second Saturday

or see the show on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9 pm.



The New Orleans Community Printshop and Darkroom Gallery rotates monthly. Only members can curate/ host/ sign up for shows. Interested parties outside of the shop have to approach a shop member who then heads up their show. We take a 40% commission, 60% to artists. We also ask that all artists donate a print to the printshop for our future art auctions that function as fund-raising for the shops future.

Once you have a printshop member who is willing to spearhead your exhibition, please email:

  • Artist statement
  • Resume
  • 15 to 20 images of your work.
  • Maximum dimension 900 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg format.
  • Label each image with medium & size.
  • Contact Information

If proposing to Curate a show, Please submit

  • Curitorial statement
  • Resume
  • 15 to 20 images of artists work (please specify if these will be the pieces in the show or other work by the selected artists).
  • Maximum dimension 900 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg format.
  • Label each image with medium & size.
  • Contact Information

We ask that all artists take the time to advertise their shows. We will put out a promo on our website and facebook, but we might not share all the same friends!

All artists are also required to puplish postcards/ handbills for their show and submit them to the Printshop/Darkroom to help with flyering no later than a month before the artist/artists show.




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