Contact the New Orleans Community Print Shop by emailing:




  1. We don’t have any classes scheduled right now. Our energy has been focused on building out our new space and darkroom, and our three weekly open shop days. However, the shop members at open shop days are glad to walk you through the process of burning screens and printing. The shop is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-10, and Sundays from 1-5. Bring an image that is either on acetate (clear plastic), on tracing paper with a light safe pen (gel pens work, and so do microns, but sharpies only work if you trace the image on both sides of the tracing paper), or photocopied onto normal paper. Our rates right now are $7 per screen, and $5 for a cup of ink.

    Hope to see you at the shop!

  2. Thanks for the advice! We recently found out that we must move from our space by July 1st, 2012 (coming up soon!) Refer to our latest post and if you know of any ways to help, please contact our email address and let us know!

  3. Even though I don’t know half of the 1st thing about screen printing, I love it! A friend of mine who knows this, sent me an email link today directing me the this site. Although I do not live in New Orleans I’m wishing right now that I did so that I could totally be a part of this organization.. But I won’t let the distance stop me.. Thanks for all the suggestions on how to be a part.



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